Officers Training: February 26th

Officer Training Seminar Agenda
Saturday, February 26, 9:00 AM
Hoss’s Restaurant, 110 Patchway Road, Duncansville

9:30 – 10:00 AM Coffee/Pastries

10:00 AM Welcome/Opening Remarks – Commander-in-Chief
Ill. Randy E. Smith, 33°, Commander-in-Chief

10:10 AM Nominating and Screening Committee
Ill. Jack H. Speece, 33°, Committee Chair

9:30 AM Remarks from the Secretary

Ill. J. David Kline, 33°, Secretary

  • Trumpeteer
  • Budget…how it is prepared and a sample copy (use this year’s as a guide)
  • How the office works and why…
  • Officer Responsibilities
    • Program for the months your body will be meeting (i.e. hosting the meeting)
    • Attendance at regular meetings AND Executive Board meetings
    • MSA Selection
    • Council of Deliberation…Hershey and/or Seven Springs
  • Increasing Attendance and/or Membership
    • Membership Dinners

11:30 AM Question/Answers

11:45 AM Lunch at Hoss’s…courtesy of the Valley of Altoona

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