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Officer Election: May 12th

May will soon be upon the Valley of Altoona.  As all are aware, May 12th is the date of our annual election of officers to serve the Valley of Altoona for the next Scottish Rite year.  This year, we will be electing officers in all four bodies.

If you have an interest in becoming an officer, please contact either current 2nd-line officer or Ill. Bro. Jack Speece, 33o, who is the Chairman of the Officer Selection Committee.

In addition to the Presiding Officers, the Secretary, Treasurer, one Trustee and one At-Large member of the Executive Board are to be elected.

Please note: the at-large member must be a Past Officer.  If you have an interest in serving the Valley in this manner, you are encouraged to contact the appropriate person.


The Last Supper: April 3rd

The Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix, 18o has decided to portray the program entitled “The Last Supper” for the Valley’s annual program to honor those brethren who have died in the last year.  This year’s program, usually held on Palm Sunday, will be held on April 3rd this year due to a conflict with Jaffa Circus.

It will be held at 3:00 PM in the AASR Lodge Room in the Jaffa Shrine with light refreshments to follow the program.  Bro. Kevin H Lindsey, 32o, Most Wise Master, is honored to be able to recognize our deceased brethren in this manner.  Based on previous programs, he anticipates a large turnout for this year’s program.  Families of deceased brethren will be invited as well.

The program is open to the public.

“Spring Fling”: April 30th

The Executive Board of the Valley of Altoona has determined that the membership of the Valley is entitled to an evening of dinner and entertainment…mostly at the expense of the Valley!  Please mark April 30th on your calendars.  Get out your GPS and plug in the following address: The Casino, 300 Lakemont Park Blvd., Altoona, PA.  That’s the place!  The time for dinner is 6:00 PM.  A cash bar will be available beginning at 5:30 PM.  Dinner will be followed by entertainment.

The Commander-in-Chief has promised that there will be only a few comments from him…mostly thanking you brethren for the job you do for the Valley and to introduce the entertainment…nothing else!  no long-winded speeches will be permitted!  The entertainment is still in the planning stages, but it promises to be enjoyable.  The dress is coat and tie (no tuxedos and no evening gowns).  The mandatory atmosphere will be enjoyable!

Call the Secretary’s office at 814-942-2061 or send an email to the office at and tickets will be mailed to you.

Let’s have a big crowd in April!