Monthly Archives: February 2012

Fall Reunion Announced

The 2012 Fall Reunion will take place on November 2nd and 3rd.  It is up to you to provide the class of candidates.  Our Valley serves little purpose if the lessons taught in its degrees, the fellowship it offers and the good works it carries out are not shared with new members.  It is as much a duty of every Scottish Rite Mason to share the message of Scottish Rite Masonry as it is to live it in one’s own life.

With the dates announced and cast members ready to hit the stage, the only thing missing is class of brethren eager to join our ranks.  Each of you can do your part to build that class and ensure the future of this Valley and Scottish Rite Masonry. If you have any questions on petitions, costs or what you need to do to help a fellow Brother become a Scottish Rite Mason, please contact the Secretary who will be more than happy to assist you!


Officer Training Program

Since the Executive Board has determined that an Officer Training Seminar has provedn to be worthwhile in the past, we’re going to do it again!  On Saturday morning, March 24th, all current officers and anyone wishing to be considered for an office in any body are invited to attend.  Things will get underway with coffee/donuts beginning at 8:30 AM and conclude with lunch beginning around 11:30 AM.  All of this will take place at Hoss’s Restaurant on Patchway Road in Duncansville.  The food, the drink, and the program are all courtesy of the Valley!  Timely topics will be included.  Some enlightening information will be presented, and all present will have the opportunity to learn something new!  Thinking about becoming an officer?  Let the Secretary know, so he can save a spot for you.  If you are a current officer, you already received an advanced notice regarding the training.  Please let the Secretary know your plans on attending!

Feast of the Paschal Lamb

Each year, the members of the Valley of Altoona, Chapter of Rose Croix perform a public drama in recognition of the Easter season and in conjunction with memorializing brethren who passed during the year.  This year will be no exception.  On Palm Sunday, April 1 at 3pm in the Scottish Rite room at the Jaffa Shrine Center, the Valley of Altoona Chapter of Rose Criox, 18o will be performing the Feast of the Paschal Lamb.

In this drama, a feast table is laid out with various items of symbolic meaning.  Their meanings are explained in a beautiful fashion that brings added meaning to the Easter season.  The eternal lessons of which we are reminded in the performance reflect also upon those who have gone on to the next life in the past year.

This event is open to all members, friends, family and the general public.  It is free and all are encouraged to attend!