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Fall Banquet

The Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix will be the host body for our annual Valley Banquet on Thursday, November 8 at 6pm. Members, ladies and more prospective candidates are welcome. Call the office to make your reservation. This dinner is a thank you to our members and we would love to see the room packed to capacity!

We have much to celebrate and much to look forward to. Come out and celebrate our accomplishments and our future. We’d love to share the evening with you.


A Successful Reunion

A lot of effort to plan, prepare and put on the Reunion was all worth it. When the Reunion concluded Saturday afternoon, the class gave spontaneous applause. That shows that your effort is appreciated and well worth every minute you provided.

Often we hear the refrain that we need new members and that we need to perform our degrees. It is easy to forget that for each new member of the Valley, these degrees and the effort we put into them is entirely new. They are experiencing the Scottish Rite and meeting the members of our Valley for the first time. They are seeing our passion for our Valley through the work we perform. Their future level of involvement in our Valley depends so much on the impression they have of us that they gain through the work we do at our Reunion.

We did our job. We performed our degrees with the enthusiasm and passion our candidates needed to see from us. We made Scottish Rite come alive. Let’s build on this success. Find new candidates. If we needed to have a Spring Reunion as well, we would gladly welcome the work it would require.

Thank you for your contributions in finding candidates, planning, cooking, stage managing and performing the work. Thank you in advance for doing it all again soon.

It’s Fall Reunion Time!

Hey Brethren, do you know what time it is?

Fall Reunion Time!

That’s right!

It’s Fall Reunion Time
It’s Fall Reunion Time
When we have degrees for you
And there’s a dinner too

Let’s give a rousing cheer
‘Cause Fall Reunion’s here
It’s time to start the show
So, men, let’s go!

It all starts on Friday the 2nd at 6pm with a dinner that’s open to all. Then at 6:45, the work (fun) really begins with candidate registration and a presentation by Ill. Spencer Hauenstein 33o, MSA.

Then the degrees commence as follows:
7:00pm – Lodge of Perfection opens
7:20pm – 4th Degree
8:20pm – 14th Degree

Saturday Nov. 3rd
8:30am – Coffee & Donuts
9:00am – Council Princes of Jerusalem opens
9:15am – 15th Degree
11:15am – Break
11:30am – Chapter of Rose Croix opens
11:45am – Lunch
12:30pm – Class officer election and picture
1:00pm – 18th Degree
2:00pm – Break
2:15pm – Consistory opens
2:30pm – 19th Degree
3:15pm – 32nd Degree
4:15pm – Reception of Guests
4:30pm – 31st Degree
5:30pm – Closing and distribution of lapel pins and Jewels.

Be there or be unsquare!