Valley Website Features

Every issue of the Trumpeteer includes a note to check out the Valley’s website at, but there is more the site can do for you than just be there to go check once in a while.  Here are a couple useful features you can use from the website:

Sync Calendar – On the front page of the site is a list of upcoming events.  At the bottom of the box is a link for Google Calendar.  By using that link, you can connect the Valley calendar to your own web or email calendar.  Then you can get reminders and instant updates to any changes in dates or times as well as have new events automatically added to your calendar so you easily find out about them.

Twitter – Just below the list of upcoming events is little box that reads “follow us on twitter”.  That link takes you to our Twitter page, which is basically a quick snapshot of website posts.  If a new article or photo gets posted, it shows up on the Twitter feed.  If you have (or create) a Twitter account and then follow our page, you’ll see all the updates to the site from there or your mobile app without having to go to our website at all.

Those two features provide a way for you to sync your life with Valley news and events to save you tme and effort.  There are other features as well for you to interact with the articles using WordPress and our photo gallery using Tumblr if you’re familiar with those services.  If you are interested in syncing up to our services and are having trouble or don’t know where to start – just contact me:  or 814-880-7328.

The site is there and it is packed with spiffy features, but it is only as good as its content.  If you have some news or a picture you want to share, just send it along and it can go up immediately.  Without new posts, the site doesn’t do much for us.  Technology is cool and can do lots of things, but it still takes your input to have real value.

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