Monthly Archives: November 2013

The Great Secret Within Freemasonry

The November meeting will be on Thursday November 14th and will be conducted by the Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix.  The program for the evening is entitled “The Great Secret Within Freemasonry” and will teach you how to find it.  Sit back and enjoy this program that finds the message hidden in the words of ritual you probably know by heart.  Back before speculative Freemasonry, before the Masonic Guilds, before the earliest charters of for Masons, only Master Masons knew certain secrets of the Craft and those have been passed down through the millennia and exist within our ritual.  Find out what they are and the great secret they reveal!


Reunion a Great Success

This year brought changes to our Fall Reunion.  We moved our banquet back to the start of the Reunion instead of at the meeting afterwards.  What a difference it made!  Over 100 attended the banquet and all the new members of our Valley got a chance to meet other members and learn a bit about the Valley before receiving the 4th degree just after the banquet.

Saturday dawned on a full day of excellent degree work.  The 14th degree closed out the work of the Lodge of Perfection that had opened the night before.  With the Council, Princes of Jerusalem open, another excellent job of presenting the 15th degree commenced.  Then it was time for a very tasty lunch.  After lunch, the Chapter of Rose Croix was opened and additional information about the Valley and upcoming events was shared before the portrayal of the 18th degree.  Once again, the work was excellent and the stage crew changed scenes and props with speed and skill.  The work of the Chapter being concluded, the Consistory was opened for degree work.  The one-man performance of the 19th degree was a real joy to watch and very well done.  Then the dramatic 31st degree kept the momentum of the Reunion going.  Finally, the 32nd degree closed out the Reunion.

The work was excellent, the stage crew was superb and the class was welcomed into the Valley warmly!