Officer Training Program & Executive Board Meeting

All officers and prospective officers should attend the annual Officer Training Program and all members are encouraged to attend to learn how the Valley works, what is in the works and offer your ideas on Valley programs.


Officer Training Program/Executive Board Meeting

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jaffa Shrine Center – 9:00 AM


Tentative Agenda:


8:30 AM                      Coffee/Donuts


9:00 AM                      Welcome – Ill. JD Kline, 33°, Commander-in-Chief, Chair of Executive Board


9:10 AM                      Ill. Jack H. Speece, 33° – Nominating and Screening Committee


9:20 AM                      Ill. J. David Kline, 33° – Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations of all

officers…including but not limited to:  Attendance at regular and executive board meetings…Dress…Reunions…MSA Selection…COD Meeting…Reunion Input…Supreme Council Meetings… Dialogue…Handouts…


                                                Trumpeteer – How it happens…what it costs…who gets it


Monthly Stated Meetings – What body is responsible when…program

contents…customary recognitions…opening and closing


10:15 AM                    Ill. Duncan P. McIntyre, 33° – Director of Work…Reunion/Degree Planning…Casts… 

“Book-End Concept” and “Core Values” defined


10:30 AM                    Ill. J. David Kline, 33° – Budget Preparation – What goes into it…how is it 

                                                managed…what can you spend…investments of the Valley


Secretary’s Duties and Responsibilities…how he can help you


10:45 AM                    Ill. JD Kline, 33° – Membership Brainstorming Ideas – Come prepared with at least one 

                                                idea to increase membership…


11:00 AM                    Executive Board Meeting –  Ill. JD Kline, 33°, Chair 


12:15 PM                    Lunch compliments of the Valley

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