Abbott Scholarships – DEADLINE March 1

Again this year, the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction will be awarding scholarships to worthy candidates.  Applications are available online here:

Those meeting the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • A Scottish Rite Mason of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction
  • A child of a Scottish Rite Mason of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction who is a high school senior or is currently enrolled at an accredited college or university, who has attained a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale
  • A member of DeMolay, Rainbow or Jobs Daughters in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction who is a a high school senior or is currently enrolled at an accredited college or university, who has attained a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

Applicant should complete the form and mail it to:

Mr. John Biddle
809 Walnut Street
Roaring Spring, PA 16673

Applications are to to Ill. Bro. Biddle no later than MARCH 1, 2014.  Applications received after that date will NOT be considered.

Scholarship winners are usually announced around June 1st.


Officer Training Program & Executive Board Meeting

All officers and prospective officers should attend the annual Officer Training Program and all members are encouraged to attend to learn how the Valley works, what is in the works and offer your ideas on Valley programs.


Officer Training Program/Executive Board Meeting

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jaffa Shrine Center – 9:00 AM


Tentative Agenda:


8:30 AM                      Coffee/Donuts


9:00 AM                      Welcome – Ill. JD Kline, 33°, Commander-in-Chief, Chair of Executive Board


9:10 AM                      Ill. Jack H. Speece, 33° – Nominating and Screening Committee


9:20 AM                      Ill. J. David Kline, 33° – Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations of all

officers…including but not limited to:  Attendance at regular and executive board meetings…Dress…Reunions…MSA Selection…COD Meeting…Reunion Input…Supreme Council Meetings… Dialogue…Handouts…


                                                Trumpeteer – How it happens…what it costs…who gets it


Monthly Stated Meetings – What body is responsible when…program

contents…customary recognitions…opening and closing


10:15 AM                    Ill. Duncan P. McIntyre, 33° – Director of Work…Reunion/Degree Planning…Casts… 

“Book-End Concept” and “Core Values” defined


10:30 AM                    Ill. J. David Kline, 33° – Budget Preparation – What goes into it…how is it 

                                                managed…what can you spend…investments of the Valley


Secretary’s Duties and Responsibilities…how he can help you


10:45 AM                    Ill. JD Kline, 33° – Membership Brainstorming Ideas – Come prepared with at least one 

                                                idea to increase membership…


11:00 AM                    Executive Board Meeting –  Ill. JD Kline, 33°, Chair 


12:15 PM                    Lunch compliments of the Valley

26th Degree Film Auditions

Audition Notice 26th Degree Film:   Friends and Brothers Eternal.

Auditions will be held on Sunday January 26th from 2pm to 5pm at the Canton Masonic Temple located at 836 Market Ave N, Canton AND on Saturday February 1st from 10 am to 2 pm at the Tadmor Shrine Located at 3000 Krebs Drive Akron Ohio.

The story of the 26th Degree is set during the civil war with the majority of the action taking place during the Battle of Gettysburg.  Having appropriate facial hair (Beard, Mutton Chops, mustache, etc) is a plus, but not required.  Filming will be scheduled for the late spring and early summer of 2014. 

Civil War re-enactors are encouraged and welcome!

All parts are up for casting.  There are 20 speaking roles and many nonspeaking roles that range through all ages.

If you have a teenage son or grandson who would like to audition please feel free to bring him, if under age (18) he must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be required to sign for him. 

There are parts for teenage males who play the guitar, mandolin, violin, viola or other such instrument.   Please bring your instrument and be prepared to play the first two stanzas of the civil war era song “Lorena”.  We are also looking for a singer. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through our facebook page Cast & Crew, Friends & Brothers (26th° Film), or email at or at 330 464 3300, Thank you.

The Great Secret Within Freemasonry

The November meeting will be on Thursday November 14th and will be conducted by the Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix.  The program for the evening is entitled “The Great Secret Within Freemasonry” and will teach you how to find it.  Sit back and enjoy this program that finds the message hidden in the words of ritual you probably know by heart.  Back before speculative Freemasonry, before the Masonic Guilds, before the earliest charters of for Masons, only Master Masons knew certain secrets of the Craft and those have been passed down through the millennia and exist within our ritual.  Find out what they are and the great secret they reveal!

Reunion a Great Success

This year brought changes to our Fall Reunion.  We moved our banquet back to the start of the Reunion instead of at the meeting afterwards.  What a difference it made!  Over 100 attended the banquet and all the new members of our Valley got a chance to meet other members and learn a bit about the Valley before receiving the 4th degree just after the banquet.

Saturday dawned on a full day of excellent degree work.  The 14th degree closed out the work of the Lodge of Perfection that had opened the night before.  With the Council, Princes of Jerusalem open, another excellent job of presenting the 15th degree commenced.  Then it was time for a very tasty lunch.  After lunch, the Chapter of Rose Croix was opened and additional information about the Valley and upcoming events was shared before the portrayal of the 18th degree.  Once again, the work was excellent and the stage crew changed scenes and props with speed and skill.  The work of the Chapter being concluded, the Consistory was opened for degree work.  The one-man performance of the 19th degree was a real joy to watch and very well done.  Then the dramatic 31st degree kept the momentum of the Reunion going.  Finally, the 32nd degree closed out the Reunion.

The work was excellent, the stage crew was superb and the class was welcomed into the Valley warmly!

Valley Website Features

Every issue of the Trumpeteer includes a note to check out the Valley’s website at, but there is more the site can do for you than just be there to go check once in a while.  Here are a couple useful features you can use from the website:

Sync Calendar – On the front page of the site is a list of upcoming events.  At the bottom of the box is a link for Google Calendar.  By using that link, you can connect the Valley calendar to your own web or email calendar.  Then you can get reminders and instant updates to any changes in dates or times as well as have new events automatically added to your calendar so you easily find out about them.

Twitter – Just below the list of upcoming events is little box that reads “follow us on twitter”.  That link takes you to our Twitter page, which is basically a quick snapshot of website posts.  If a new article or photo gets posted, it shows up on the Twitter feed.  If you have (or create) a Twitter account and then follow our page, you’ll see all the updates to the site from there or your mobile app without having to go to our website at all.

Those two features provide a way for you to sync your life with Valley news and events to save you tme and effort.  There are other features as well for you to interact with the articles using WordPress and our photo gallery using Tumblr if you’re familiar with those services.  If you are interested in syncing up to our services and are having trouble or don’t know where to start – just contact me:  or 814-880-7328.

The site is there and it is packed with spiffy features, but it is only as good as its content.  If you have some news or a picture you want to share, just send it along and it can go up immediately.  Without new posts, the site doesn’t do much for us.  Technology is cool and can do lots of things, but it still takes your input to have real value.

Fall Reunion Details

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
Valley of Altoona, Pennsylvania

Fall Reunion Schedule

Ill. John F. Mallow, 33° Class

FRIDAY, November 1, 2013

5:30 PM Class Registration – AASR Lodge Room; Member Registration – Various entrances

6:00 PM Reunion Dinner – Jaffa Auditorium

7:00 PM Presentations/Awards (Honorary Member/MSAs, Scholarships)

7:45 PM Candidates – Opening – Altoona Lodge of Perfection , 14°
Bro. David A. Blackner, 32°, Thrice Potent Master, Presiding

7:45 PM Ladies/Spouses – Special program for Candidate’s and Member’s spouses/ladies – Auditorium

8:00 PM 4° – “Master Traveler” – Full Ceremonial Form – AASR Lodge Room
Ill. John G. Myers, 33°, Degree Master

9:00 PM End of degree work for the evening

SATURDAY, November 2, 2013

8:30 AM Class Registration/Instruction – AASR Lodge Room
Member Registration – Various Entrances

8:45 AM 14° – “Grand Elect Mason” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Bro. Ronald L. Barndt, 32°, MSA, Degree Master

10:00 AM Opening – Altoona Council, Princes of Jerusalem, 16°
Bro. John A. Leipchack, 32°, Sovereign Prince, Presiding

10:10 AM 15° – “Knight of the East” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Ducan A. McIntyre, 33°, Degree Master

11:30 AM Lunch – Jaffa Dining Hall

12:30 PM Class Picture/Election of Officers/Class Instruction (Hat Talk/Jurisdiction Talk)

1:30 PM Opening – Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix, 18°
Bro. Michael H. Duminiak, 32°, MSA, Most Wise Master, Presiding

1:45 PM 18° – “Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.” – Full Ceremonial Form -Auditorium
Ill. John D. Kline, II, 33°, Degree Master

2:45 PM Opening – Altoona Consistory, 32°
Ill. John D. Kline, II, 33°, Commander-in-Chief, Presiding

3:00 PM 19° – “Brothers of the Trail” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Duncan A. McIntyre, 33°, Degree Master

4:00 PM 31° – “Knight Aspirant” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Lloyd C. Sorge, 33°, Degree Master

5:00 PM Reception of Guests – Auditorium

5:15 PM 32° – “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Ronald R. Yoder, 33°, Degree Master

6:00 PM Presentation of Lapel Pins and Candidate Diplomas

Notes: The Reunion Banquet will be held on Friday evening…all candidates and their ladies would be in attendance…ladies get a chance to learn something about Scottish Rite as well as some entertainment to be announced

We will have the three presentations at the dinner (1 33rd and 2 MSAs and have the class honoree speak on Saturday)

All Presiding officers need to be in attendance on Friday night as well as all day Saturday for the class picture.

Living Last Supper on Palm Sunday at 4pm

You won’t want to miss the Living Last Supper portrayal in the Scottish Rite Room at the Jaffa Shrine! The Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix will be sponsoring this amazing drama that goes into the minds of the Apostles just after Jesus declares that one of them will betray him. It is an interesting way to learn or just remember a little about the lives of those men who helped reshape the world.

So come on out for the 4pm performance of The Last Supper at the Jaffa Shrine this Palm Sunday, March 24th. You’ll be glad you did!

Officer Training Seminar

Officer Training Seminar Agenda

Saturday, February 16, 2012 9:00 AM

Hoss’s Restaurant, 110 Patchway Road, Duncansville



9:00 – 9:30 AM  Coffee/Pastries


9:30 AM               Welcome/Opening Remarks – Commander-in-Chief       Ill. John David Kline, 33°                


9:40 AM               General remarks                                                                                              Charles Yingling, 32°, MSA                           


9:50 AM               Remarks from the Secretary                                                                       Ill. Jack H. Speece, 33°


10:00 AM             Responsibilities of an officer                                                                       Ill. John Myers, 33°


10:10 AM             Nominating and Screening Committee                                   Ill.  Jack H. Speece, 33°  


10:20 AM             Increasing attendance and membership                                               Ill. Randy E. Smith, 33°




  • Trumpeteer
  • Budget…how it is prepared and a sample copy (use this year’s as a guide)
  • Changes regarding “Book-end Concept” and “Core Values” and degree work and mandates
  • How the office works and why…
  • Officer Responsibilities

                                                Program for the months your body will be meeting (i.e. hosting the meeting)

                                                Attendance at regular meetings AND Executive Board meetings

                                                MSA Selection

                                                Council of Deliberation…Hershey and/or Seven Springs

Membership Dinners


11:00 AM             Question/Answers                                                                         


11:30 AM             Lunch at Hoss’s…courtesy of the Valley of Altoona


Fall Banquet

The Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix will be the host body for our annual Valley Banquet on Thursday, November 8 at 6pm. Members, ladies and more prospective candidates are welcome. Call the office to make your reservation. This dinner is a thank you to our members and we would love to see the room packed to capacity!

We have much to celebrate and much to look forward to. Come out and celebrate our accomplishments and our future. We’d love to share the evening with you.