“The Last Supper” Draws Audience

On Sunday April 3, 2011 the Valley of Altoona presented “The Last Supper” in the Scottish Rite room in the Jaffa Shrine Center.  It was well attended by visitors and members.  The dramatic telling of the inner thoughts of the twelve disciples of Christ after learning that one of them would betray Jesus was well received and brought to life the well known event in a way that touched the hearts of those in attendance.

Members of the Valley re-enact "The Last Supper"

A prelude was given by Bro. Earl Walters, 32o who was followed by Bro. Kevin Lindsay, 32o, acting Most Wise Master of the Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix who welcomed all those in attendance.  Ill. Bro. James A. Yoder, 33o provided an invocation for the event.  The Jaffa Chanters set the mood of the performance with opening music.  Then the disciples entered in small groups to the upper room where the Passover feast was prepared.  After an informative and inspiring introduction by Rev. Bro. Dr. Robert Ludrowsky, 32o MSA, the dramatic performance commenced.

Ill. Bro. John G. Myers, 33o performed the part of Jesus in which he announced that one of the twelve would betray him.  The cast then reacted to the announcement assuming the postures of the Apostles as portrayed in DaVinci’s “The Last Supper”.  One by one, the disciples came to life from the still-life of the painting and recounted how they came to follow Jesus and their inner doubts that they may be the betrayer.  The mix of astonishment that one of that close knit group could betray their Master with their own personal faults and failings that made each fear that they could be the one brought depth to a story too often viewed from the hindsight of the knowledge of the actions of Judas.

Bro. Barry C. Yingling, 32o, MSA 'comes to life' during the performance.

The moving portrayal was capped by another musical selection from the Jaffa Chanters before the cast departed from that upper room following Jesus one last time and back into the pages of history.  After the performance, Rev. Bro. Dr. Robert Ludrowsky, 32o MSA welcomed all present to enjoy refreshments which he blessed giving thanks to the Lord for the food, the companionship all enjoyed and the blessings of this life.

During the refreshments, the members of the cast were treated to the warm reception of those who came to see the performance.  Without exception, there was high praise for the performance which greatly moved many who witnessed it.  The cast and all the members of the Valley were pleased to know their job was truly well done and that we had made a positive impact on our community and raised the bar yet again.

The Cast:

Narrator Rev. Dr. Robert Ludrowsky, 320, MSA
Jesus John G. Meyers, 33o
James, the Lesser Barry C. Yingling, 32o, MSA
Matthew Leroy Kerns, 32o
Nathaniel Duncan P. McIntyre, 33o
James, the Greater A. Brady Appleman, 32o
Andrew James K. Dreier, 32o
Thomas Spencer W. Hauenstein, 33o, MSA
Judas Robert S. Owens, 32o
Thaddeus Fred A. Saintz, 33o
Philip John R. Biddle, 33o
John Jack H. Speece, 33o
Simon Steven E. Meyers, 32o
Peter Michael H. Duminiak, 32o
Choir Director Donald E. Grove, 32o, MSA
Stage Director John F. Mallow, 33o

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