Fall Reunion Details

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite
Valley of Altoona, Pennsylvania

Fall Reunion Schedule

Ill. John F. Mallow, 33° Class

FRIDAY, November 1, 2013

5:30 PM Class Registration – AASR Lodge Room; Member Registration – Various entrances

6:00 PM Reunion Dinner – Jaffa Auditorium

7:00 PM Presentations/Awards (Honorary Member/MSAs, Scholarships)

7:45 PM Candidates – Opening – Altoona Lodge of Perfection , 14°
Bro. David A. Blackner, 32°, Thrice Potent Master, Presiding

7:45 PM Ladies/Spouses – Special program for Candidate’s and Member’s spouses/ladies – Auditorium

8:00 PM 4° – “Master Traveler” – Full Ceremonial Form – AASR Lodge Room
Ill. John G. Myers, 33°, Degree Master

9:00 PM End of degree work for the evening

SATURDAY, November 2, 2013

8:30 AM Class Registration/Instruction – AASR Lodge Room
Member Registration – Various Entrances

8:45 AM 14° – “Grand Elect Mason” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Bro. Ronald L. Barndt, 32°, MSA, Degree Master

10:00 AM Opening – Altoona Council, Princes of Jerusalem, 16°
Bro. John A. Leipchack, 32°, Sovereign Prince, Presiding

10:10 AM 15° – “Knight of the East” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Ducan A. McIntyre, 33°, Degree Master

11:30 AM Lunch – Jaffa Dining Hall

12:30 PM Class Picture/Election of Officers/Class Instruction (Hat Talk/Jurisdiction Talk)

1:30 PM Opening – Altoona Chapter of Rose Croix, 18°
Bro. Michael H. Duminiak, 32°, MSA, Most Wise Master, Presiding

1:45 PM 18° – “Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.” – Full Ceremonial Form -Auditorium
Ill. John D. Kline, II, 33°, Degree Master

2:45 PM Opening – Altoona Consistory, 32°
Ill. John D. Kline, II, 33°, Commander-in-Chief, Presiding

3:00 PM 19° – “Brothers of the Trail” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Duncan A. McIntyre, 33°, Degree Master

4:00 PM 31° – “Knight Aspirant” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Lloyd C. Sorge, 33°, Degree Master

5:00 PM Reception of Guests – Auditorium

5:15 PM 32° – “Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret” – Full Ceremonial Form – Auditorium
Ill. Ronald R. Yoder, 33°, Degree Master

6:00 PM Presentation of Lapel Pins and Candidate Diplomas

Notes: The Reunion Banquet will be held on Friday evening…all candidates and their ladies would be in attendance…ladies get a chance to learn something about Scottish Rite as well as some entertainment to be announced

We will have the three presentations at the dinner (1 33rd and 2 MSAs and have the class honoree speak on Saturday)

All Presiding officers need to be in attendance on Friday night as well as all day Saturday for the class picture.

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